With many years of experience in general and specialized mental health, working with mindfulness, evidence based approaches, Lotus Consulting can help you find more focus, vitality, satisfaction and calm in your life.  Helping clients navigate external and internal barriers - Lotus Consulting has had many years of privilege accompanying individuals, families and groups moving through life with more clarity, focus and joy.  Capitalizing on your values and goals, Lotus helps you design a clear path to growth, healing, recovery and wellness within the context of your personal and professional life.  Lotus team provides a full spectrum of mindfulness based wellness and mental health services, training and education. Our practitioners are passionate about mental health and social justice issues, assisting diverse clientele with variety of presenting concerns.  

Areas of Focus:  

  • Depression and Mood Disorders
  • Panic, Fears and Anxiety Disorders 
  • Compulsive Behaviors, Substance Use, Chemical and Process/ Behavioral Addictions
  • Eating and Body Image Concerns 
  • Trauma and PTSD 
  • Identity
  • Transitions 
  • Loss and Grief
  • Relationships 
  • Stress Management
  • Performance Enhancement 
Lotus offers individual, couples/ relationship, family and group counseling and consultation grounded in client centered, multicultural work.  Specialized programs include groups such as relapse prevention group Centering in Recovery, Mindful Way Through Anxiety, Zen of Eating, Climate Change in Work Environment, Parenting with Presence. 
The 2010 mindfulness based, wellness and relapse prevention mobile application of Ilona Phillips, Recovery Key is another example of Lotus work.  Featured in many publications, Recovery Key has reached and assisted users around the world. 

Find more information within this website and follow Lotus on Instagram and Facebook at Lotus Consulting.  Call 734-478-7358 for a FREE 20 min phone consultation and to schedule. 

Lotus provides free initial phone consultation to answer questions and to determine how we can best help you. 

You can also email Lotus Consulting at lotusconsultingpllc@gmail.com 

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